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Our travel voucher, info and rules

Why bind yourself if you can be free?

Do you want to give a gift that makes the person who receives it happy? Have you ever thought about giving a trip as a gift? A trip is a gift that can change the life of those who receive it. Not sure what to do though? What is the best destination, what are his needs and if he doesn't use it? Here's the solution: a Travelbuy Neptune Travel Voucher!

With the TravelBuy Nettuno Travel Voucher you will allocate an amount relating to an agency service, for example € 50 for a stay in a city of art in Italy or for an entrance to a Spa, € 200 for a weekend in Europe, or any number. Whoever receives the gift will come to the agency and can freely decide how to spend the voucher and when, whether to use the idea you provided or spend it as they see fit. Maybe it will be part of a flight to an exotic destination and you will be the one to have dropped the first tile of that wonderful domino we call life.

Regulated contract for the "Travel Voucher - TravelBuy Nettuno"

  1. Preamble

The "Travel Coupon - TravelBuy Nettuno" is a Coupon offered exclusively by TravelBuy branch of Nettuno. In which the aforementioned branch undertakes to accept a deposit of the amount agreed with the customer redeemable by the beneficiary, indicated by the customer and described in the contract, for the use of the branch services in the terms and conditions described in the contract.

  1. Purchase procedure

1) The customer defines the amount in euros to be deposited on behalf of the beneficiary

2) The customer defines the identity of the beneficiary by providing the name and surname of the latter

3) The customer defines the nature of the service

a) purchase the service on behalf of the beneficiary whenever possible

b) defines an estimate covered by the deposited sum to be suggested to the beneficiary

c) leaves total freedom of choice to the beneficiary

4) the customer signs the contract and receives the "TravelBuy Nettuno Travel Voucher"

5) The beneficiary goes to the TravelBuy branch located in Nettuno via Sangallo 57, 00048 (Rm)

3- Conditions and use

To use the voucher, the beneficiary must go to the TravelBuy branch located in Nettuno via Sangallo 57 00048 (Rm), in order to define, with the support of the travel consultants, a service among those available that best suits their needs, expectations and wishes, according to the conditions defined with the customer at the time of drafting the contract.

The voucher must be used exclusively by the beneficiary indicated by the customer at the time of purchase, unless the beneficiary has decided to transfer the voucher after an express request at the branch and relative signature of the specific form.

The voucher is valid for 12 months from the time of purchase, the expiration can be postponed for 6 months only once and upon request prior to the expiry of the voucher. the actual travel period can also be after the expiry date.

This voucher entitles you to a service at the branch and can be spent freely as appropriate. It is binding only if the customer has purchased a service on behalf of the beneficiary, in which case the natural penalties of the purchased service are valid if the service is not used.

If the service costs less than the voucher received, the remainder can be used to purchase another service until the credit runs out. The branch does not recognize the responsibility for loss, theft or destruction of the voucher, which is nominative.

The extent of the service is subject to change on a seasonal basis, in any case it cannot exceed the budget agreed in the branch with the customer at the time of drafting the contract, except in the event that the voucher is valid as a down payment on a package or a service chosen by the beneficiary that exceeds the budget.

In the case of the purchase of nominative services, the customer assumes full responsibility for the nominative and personal data of the beneficiary.

Travel contracts must always be signed by the beneficiary without exception. The branch will do everything possible to keep the monetary amount of the deposit secret from the beneficiary but warns as of now that this will not be possible in all cases.

  1. Right of withdrawal

The voucher is refundable at 50% of its value within 30 days of purchase.

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