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Our videos

"Courage was also that. It was the awareness that failure was still the fruit of an attempt. That sometimes it is better to get lost on the road of an impossible journey than never to leave."

Giorgio Faletti

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TravelBuy Nettuno is our travel agency; for more than 2 years now we have been present in Anzio and Nettuno with our programming and our services to the traveler, whether he wants to leave or whether he wants to stay in our beautiful cities.

If you want to come to Anzio and Nettuno, you can't not contact us! We will assist you by offering you the best experience this land can offer!

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We introduce ourselves

Simone, born in the Castelli Romani in 1985 and raised in his grandfather's hotel immersed in the chestnut woods of the Tusculum park, where he often went to satisfy his hunger for adventure in the company of the dog.

An artistic education that, however, was abruptly interrupted when at 19 he had a health problem; after the inevitable waste of time he managed to reinvent himself dragged by the passion for life and art.

Now a photographer, videomaker, travel agent and blogger, he tries to show those who are distracted by the daily rhythm how wonderful life is.


Jessica, born on the Roman coast in 1988, grew up with her grandfather's stories that spoke of a small and quiet town on the Tyrrhenian Sea that seemed enclosed in a glass bubble. During his studies on international cooperation, he decided to leave the tranquility of his country to go and explore a continent on the other side of the world; after 9 months in Australia she returned to try to improve the world that saw her grow up. Now he devotes himself to voluntary associations and tourism.

Polyglot, travel agent, blogger and communicator, she wants to reach the peoples of the earth to explore their cultures .


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